Review Article

Edible Mushrooms: Improving Human Health and Promoting Quality Life

Table 2

Composition of sugars of some edible mushrooms (dry weight).

SpeciesFructoseMannitolSucroseTrehaloseTotal sugars
(g/100 g fresh weight)

Agaricus bisporus 0.035.6nd0.165.79
Lentinus edodes 0.6910.01nd3.3814.03
Pleurotus ostreatus 0.010.54nd4.424.97
Pleurotus eryngii 0.030.600.038.018.67
Dry powder formulations
Agaricus blazei 0.2760.89nd5.7466.91
Lentinus edodes nd23.3nd13.2238.31

Adapted from Carneiro et al. 2013 [22]; Reis et al. 2012 [30]. Nd, not detected.