International Journal of Microbiology / 2017 / Article / Fig 4

Research Article

Predicted Cold Shock Proteins from the Extremophilic Bacterium Deinococcus maricopensis and Related Deinococcus Species

Figure 4

Tertiary structural model assessment. (a) Ramachandran plot of protein model generated by PROCHECK. The position of 96.4% amino acids within the generated structural model are within most favored regions. The position of 1 amino acid (ALA-35, red text) is found within a disallowed region. (b) Graphical output of estimation of absolute quality of model via QMEAN6. The position of the Dm-Csp1 tertiary model is indicated by a red X. (c) Verify3D output data for Dm-Csp1 predicted tertiary structure, yielding an acceptably high score of 0.57.