International Journal of Microbiology / 2017 / Article / Tab 3

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Predicted Cold Shock Proteins from the Extremophilic Bacterium Deinococcus maricopensis and Related Deinococcus Species

Table 3

BLASTp analysis of Dm-Csp1 (NCBI Accession #WP 013556416.1) versus deinococci group.

BLASTp hit speciesName of hitGene ID -valueIdentity (%)Similarity (%)

Deinococcus maricopensisCold shock protein6499017179596
D. reticulitermitisCold shock protein26179684837687
D. peraridilitorisCold shock protein25095917238491
D. desertiCold shock protein6437991177885
D. xibeiensisCold shock protein25863080137786
D. marmorisCold shock protein25622195817285
D. wulumuqiensisCold shock protein25539837257786
D. species 2009Cold shock protein25169386267887
D. pimensisCold shock protein25090820938387
D. misasensisCold shock protein25710665217987
D. phoenicisCold shock protein25796320347884
D. geothermalisCold shock protein6412296538087
D. apachensisCold shock protein25191368348487
D. gobiensisCold shock protein251282014328188
D. proteolyticusCold shock protein6499638626277
D. hopiensisCold shock protein25095864838386
D. grandisCold shock protein26913825208090
D. species RLCold shock protein26116196968188
D. radioduransCold shock protein25581160987786
D. murrayiCold shock protein25283097118188
D. ficus Cold shock protein25260614657887
D. fringensCold shock protein25622234507285
D. humiCold shock protein25975382197992
D. soliCold shock protein26376993138090
D. species Leaf 326Cold shock protein26454440508290
D. aquatilisCold shock protein25206000368092
D. species YIM 77859Cold shock protein25825238458291

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