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Enterococcus faecium TIR-Domain Genes Are Part of a Gene Cluster Which Promotes Bacterial Survival in Blood

Figure 1

Secondary and tertiary structure prediction of TirEs. (a) Primary amino acid sequence alignment of TirE1 and TirE2 to bacterial TIR-domain-containing proteins and human TIR-domain-containing proteins. The region shown displays the TIR domain as predicted by CDD. Similar and identical residues are depicted in red and boxed in blue. Conservation in regions such as Box1, Box2, and the WxxxE motif is marked. The corresponding secondary structure elements of BtpA as determined by X-ray crystallography are shown on top of the alignment. (b) Predicted tertiary structures of TirE1 and TirE2 compared to the crystal structure of the TIR domain of MyD88. Key secondary structures are labeled; α-helices are shown in blue, β-sheets in cyan, and loops in green. The BB loop as a divergent structure is marked.