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International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Volume 29, Issue 9, Pages 531-536

A fixed point theorem for mappings satisfying a general contractive condition of integral type

Viale Martiri della Libertà 20, Macerata 62100, Italy

Received 30 April 2001

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We analyze the existence of fixed points for mappings defined on complete metric spaces (X,d) satisfying a general contractive inequality of integral type. This condition is analogous to Banach-Caccioppoli's one; in short, we study mappings f:XX for which there exists a real number c]0,1[, such that for each x,yX we have 0d(fx,fy)φ(t)dtc0d(x,y)φ(t)dt, where φ:[0,+[[0,+] is a Lebesgue-integrable mapping which is summable on each compact subset of [0,+[, nonnegative and such that for each ε>0, 0εφ(t)dt>0.