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International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Volume 2006, Article ID 42818, 6 pages

Dickson curves

Department of Mathematics, The Pennsylvania State University, New Kensington Campus, New Kensington 15068, PA, USA

Received 6 March 2006; Accepted 26 March 2006

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Let kq denote the finite field of order q and odd characteristic p. For akq, let gd(x,a) denote the Dickson polynomial of degree d defined by gd(x,a)=i=0[d/2]d/(di)(dii)(a)ixd2i. Let f(x) denote a monic polynomial with coefficients in kq. Assume that f2(x)4 is not a perfect square and gcd(p,d)=1. Also assume that f(x) and g2(f(x),1) are not of the form gd(h(x),c). In this note, we show that the polynomial gd(y,1)f(x)kq[x,y] is absolutely irreducible.