International Journal of Nephrology / 2018 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for the Treatment of Hyperphosphatemia in Predialysis Patients: Calcium-Based versus Noncalcium-Based Phosphate Binders

Table 4

Scenario sensitivity analyses results.

No.VariableBase case input valueSensitivity input valueICER (Cost (RM) per QALY gained)

1aUndiscounted cost and outcomes3%0%48,033
1b5% discount rate3%5%47,419
2a3-year time horizon60 years3 years25,438
2b10-year time horizon60 years10 years47,586
3aHigh sevelamer dose2.184g4.8g65,210
3bHigh CaCO3 dose2.95g7.5g47,325
4Low dialysis utility0.80.7251,086
5aLow HD costRM259.09RM197.4840,627
5bHigh HD costRM259.09RM350.0058,084
6Exclude dialysis costRM259.09014,407