International Journal of Optics / 2012 / Article / Fig 3

Review Article

Nonlinear Optical Signal Processing for Tbit/s Ethernet Applications

Figure 3

Pulse compression for 1.28 Tbit/s pulses. (a) Spectra at the input and output of DF-HNLF1. The “GT” trace is the input to the DF-HNLF1 creating the 70 nm wide supercontinuum trace. From this supercontinuum, a control and data spectrum is carved out. (b) The data spectra at DF-HNLF2 showing the input (data output from DF-HNLF2), the resulting generated supercontinuum in DF-HNLF2 and the final filtered (14 nm) compressed output. (c) Autocorrelation traces of the input data pulse and the optimally compressed pulse revealing a 196 fs FWHM pulse.