Table 1: Clinical characteristics and outcome of infants receiving cochlear implantation because of postmeningitic profound sensorineural hearing loss before the age of 9 months.

CaseAge at onset meningitisABR resultsT1+ contrast cochlear MR imageT2 weighted cochlear MR imageAge at cochlear implantationSide of implantationSurgical findingsResult of implantationCategories of auditory performance (CAP-NL)Speech intelligibility rating (SIR)Other sequelea

13 months>85 dB L + Renhancement cochlea L + Rnormal hyperintense4 monthsL + Rminimal cochlear fibrosisfull insertions40epilepsy
25 months>85 dB R 60 dB Lenhancement cochlea L + Runilateral hypointensity7 monthsRcochlear fibrosisfull insertion5-65none
36 months>85 dB L + Renhancement cochlea L + Rhypointensity and artifacts7 monthsL + Rcochlear fibrosisfull insertions3-41epilepsy, areflexia, ataxia, and developmental delay
47 months>85 dB L + Renhancement cochlea L + Rsevere hypointense8 monthsL + Rcochlear fibrosisfull insertions35attention deficit, and hemiparesis of tongue