Table 2: Tukey’s followup analysis for Histology measures of MT. Histology confirmed MRI results for DEX efficacy at reducing MT. Though HC was effective at reducing MT when compared to control alone, the difference was not statistically significant. Only DEX significantly reduced MT compared to both HC and control treatment groups. The differences between means reported by histology are similar to those reported by MRI but seem smaller in magnitude. This may be attributed to histoprocesses that compromise tissue integrity (i.e., MT desiccation due to various chemical changes, other effects on MT resulting from paraffin impregnation, etc.). Differences in histology and MRI findings could also result from a difference in sample siza. for MRI and for histology.

MT measures by Histology
Treatment comparisonDifference between meansConfidence limits

Control-HC0.121−0.17271, 0.415
Control-DEX0.6900.40969, 0.971
HC-Control−0.121-0.41537, 0.173
HC-DEX0.5690.33475, 0.803
DEX-Control−0.690−0.97086, −0.410
DEX-HC−0.569−0.80314, −0.335