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Research Article

Sinonasal Cancer and Occupational Exposure in a Population-Based Registry

Table 1

Characteristics of subjects with sinonasal cancer by gender; Lombardy region sinonasal cancer registry, 2008–2011.

MenWomen valuea

No. of subjects13710073100
Age (median, min–max)67.731.7–88.568.421.1–94.90.70
Cancer site of origin (ICD-10 code)
 Nasal cavity (C30.0)4432.12737.00.01
 Maxillary sinus (C31.0)2820.42027.4
 Ethmoid sinus (C31.1)3223.456.8
 Frontal sinus (C31.2)00.011.4
 Sphenoid sinus (C31.3)32.268.2
 Multiple sites3021.91419.2
Cancer morphology
 Squamous cell carcinoma5439.43446.60.002
 Adenocarcinoma, unspecified75.134.1
 Adenocarcinoma, intestinal type3626.3811.0
 Adenocarcinoma, nonintestinal type64.422.7
 Adenoid cystic carcinoma85.81216.4
 Neuroendocrine carcinoma107.300.0
 Undifferentiated carcinoma118.079.6
 Not performed32.279.6
Cigarette smoking
 Former (>6 mo. before symptoms)5842.32027.4
Year of diagnosis
 2008 (complete)3223.42331.50.10
 2009 (complete)5036.52230.1
 2010 (in progress)3727.01216.4
 2011 (in progress)1813.11621.9

ICD-10: International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Edition
aFrom chi-square test, except for age (Mann-Whitney test).