International Journal of Otolaryngology / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Reduction of Radiation Dosage in Visualization of Paranasal Sinuses in Daily Routine

Table 1

Overview of the technical parameters of the X-ray tube, the applied dosage, the Lund-Mackay Score, and the mean evaluation score for all structures and the selected group of anatomical parameters for the two dosage groups.

High dosageLow dosage value

Age in yearsn.s.
Sex (female : male)67 : 98100 : 51n.s.
Tube current in mA0.000
Tube voltage in mA0.000
Rotation angle360° (100%)180° (100%)0.000
Computed tomography dosage index (CTDI) in mGy0.000
Field of view (diameter in cm height in cm)
Lund-Mackay Score0.558
Mean of anatomic structures0.001
Selected mean of anatomic structures0.033