International Journal of Otolaryngology / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Reduction of Radiation Dosage in Visualization of Paranasal Sinuses in Daily Routine

Table 2

Overview of the frequencies in percent of the evaluation of the visibility of the different anatomical structures in the two groups (high dosage versus low dosage) with the corresponding values (values marked with an asterisk are highly significant).

High dosage ()Low dosage () value
ExcellentWellPoorNot evaluableExcellentWellPoorNot evaluable

Maxillary sinus (lateral wall)79.615.
Uncinate process66.918.813.40.967.411.
Inferior turbinate (os turbinale)
Infraorbital nerve canal54.532.412.70.359.329.311.30.00.682
Lamina papyracea (infundibulum)
Anterior ethmoidal artery canal84.
Lamina papyracea (ant. ethm. art.)
Lateral lamella olfactory fossa86.410.
Cribriform plate94.427.021.81.873.
Posterior ethmoidal artery canal67.915.810.06.475.713.
Optical nerve93.
Vidian nerve94.
Maxillary nerve95.
Carotid artery83.
Nasolacrimal duct98.
Frontal sinus98.