International Journal of Otolaryngology / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Review Article

Lingual Abscess: Predisposing Factors, Pathophysiology, Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis, and Management

Table 3

Summary of the prior case series of lingual abscess.

YearAuthorsNo. of casesCaseSexAge (y)Underlying diseaseSource of infectionClinical presentation (severity)Abscess locationSub-lingual infectionAnaesthesiaDrainage

1970Jain HK, et al2No. 1F26NoNo&  Middle 1/3NoLAAspiration
No. 2F4NoNoPain &  Anterior 1/3NoLAI & D

1996Jungell P, et al2No. 1M40NoNoPain &  Middle 1/3NoLAI & D
No. 2M51NoNoPain &  Middle 1/3NoLAI & D

2004Antoniades K, et al3No. 1M55Thyroid cancerTrauma,, DyspneaAnterior 2/3YesLAAspiration+I&D
No. 2M53LeukemiaDental,, DyspneaAnterior 2/3YesLAAspiration+I&D
No. 3M49DMFish bone  &  Anterior 2/3NoLAI & D

2004Balatsouras DG, et al4No. 1F67DMNoPain  &  Posterior 1/3NoLAAspiration
No. 2M58NoNo  &  Middle +posterior 1/3NoLAAspiration
No. 3M44NoNoPain &  Middle 1/3NoLAAspiration
No. 4M65DMNo  &  Posterior 1/3NoLAAspiration

2006Kiroglu AF, et al2No. 1M7NoNo  &  BOTNoGAAspiration
No. 2F14NoFish bone  &  BOTNoGAAspiration

F: female, M: male, : painful tongue + odynophagia, : tongue swelling, LA: local anaesthesia, GA: general anaesthesia, I & D: incision & drainage, DM: diabetes mellitus, BOT: base of tongue.