Research Article

The Application Study in Solar Energy Technology for Highway Service Area: A Case Study of West Lushan Highway Low-Carbon Service Area in China

Table 2

The comparison of recommended operating mode of solar heating water system for highway service area.

Operating conditionsOperating mode
Natural circulationDirect circulationForced circulation

Instability water pressureAvailableUnavailable (1)Available

Insufficient power supplyAvailableUnavailable (2)Unavailable (3)

Instant hot waterUnavailableAvailableUnavailable

The relative installation location of collector and storage tank
 High collectorUnavailableAvailableAvailable
 High storage tankAvailableAvailableAvailable

Operating temperature
 Above 0°CAvailableAvailableAvailable
 Below 0°CAvailable with antifreezing measures

(1) Available with thermostat control pump.
(2) Available with thermostatic valve.
(3) Available with DC pump under photoelectric cell.