Figure 3: (a) EPR spectra of CNRs and wsCNRs showing the presence of high intensity carbon radical peak only; (b) photochemical degradation of MB in presence of only MB, CNRs, and wsCNRs under sunlight (inset photographs of (1) aqueous solution of MB); (2) complete photochemical degradation of MB after the addition of wsCNRs (120 minutes) to colorless solution; (c) UV-visible spectrum of the generation of ROS by wsCNRs showing the formation of diformazan dye (inset change in color of wsCNRs solution (1) before (2) and after (3) the addition of NBT upon photoirradiation); (d) corresponding plot of versus time for photochemical degradation of MB dye using only MB, CNRs, and wsCNRs.