Table 2: Risk factors for sepsis-related mortality in 71 VLBW infants with sepsis, Servidores EstadoHospital, April 2001/September 2004.

Risk factors: antenatal and intrapartum history,
neonatal comorbidities, therapeutic interventions

Continuous variables %

Rupture of membranes at birth 5577.5
12 hours before birth34.2
Caesarian section5374.6
Birth weight 1000 g3042.3
Small for gestational age4563.4
Perinatal asphyxia3752.1
Respiratory distress syndrome3954.9
Necrotizing enterocolitis1216.9
Temperature instability1216.9
Intravascular catheter4766.2
Total Parenteral nutrition6490.1
Mechanical ventilation4259.2
Enteral feeding onset > 72 hours1825.3

Categorical variablesMeanStandard deviation

Gestational age (weeks)312.5
1-minute Apgar score6.22.1
5-minute Apgar score8.11.4
10-minute Apgar score7.22
Birth weight (grams)1054232
Lenght of intravascular catheter (days)10.378.7
Lenght of total parenteral nutrition (days)9.127.52
Lenght of mechanical ventilation (days)6.979.46
Length of stay (days)53.835