International Journal of Pediatrics / 2010 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Body Mass Index in Preschool Children

Table 1

Descriptive statistics of study participants.

All GroupN-OWOW

Age (years) .264
Weight (Kg) .001
Height (m) .005
BMI (Kg / ) .001
BMI z-score .001
TPA (minutes) .863
MPA (minutes) .882
VPA (minutes) .293
Physical Activity Patterns (%)
  Low Activity32.433.326.8
  Middle Activity34.932.946.3.249
  High Activity32.733.826.8
  Low MPA32.433.326.8
  Middle MPA35.233.346.3.273
  High MPA32.433.326.8
  Low VIG33.832.143.9
  Middle VIG33.532.539.0.064
  High VIG32.735.417.1

TPA: Total Physical Activity; MPA: Moderate Physical Activity; VPA: Vigorous Physical Activity.