Table 4: Academic problems and behavioural and/or personality disorders among “high-potential” children.

Underperforming, poor student
Lazy, lacking motivation
Identified disorders including dysgraphia, dyslexia, spelling
problems, dyspraxia, attentional disorders, hyperactivity,
and impulsiveness
Intellectual/psychomotor/affective dyssynchrony
Clowning to gain attention
Destructuring tonus-emotion hyper-reactivity
Psycho-affective immaturity
Frequent psychosomatic disorders
Behavioural fluctuation
Withdrawing attitude
Willfulness and tantrums
Reactional aggressiveness
Violent behaviours
Delinquency, drug, and alcohol abuse
Megalomaniac trends
Difficulties of eye contact and difficult relationships
(borderline psychotic)
Depressive and suicidal tendencies
Identity disorders
Self-harm (mental or physical)