Table 4: Unadjusted and adjusted odds for health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in the lowest quartile, in sociodemographic subgroups of 12–18-year-old school children in Fiji.

HRQoL ≤ 25 percentileCrude OR95% CIP Adjusted1 OR95% CIP

 Reference: Boys18.2%12.78−3.570.00012.50–3.240.000

Age Group
 Reference: 15–18 y23.7%10.91–1.170.65610.93–1.24
      12–14 y27.5%

 Reference: Indo-Fijian19.8%12.24–2.890.00011.72–2.300.000
     Indigenous Fijian31.6%2.541.99
 Reference: Other20.4%11.76–3.030.00011.81–3.240.000
     Indigenous Fijian31.6%2.312.42

OR: odds ratio.
CI: confidence interval.
1Model includes: gender, age, ethnicity, household size, and family structure.