Table 2: Noncost inputs for cost effectiveness analysis model.


Prevalence of VAP among ventilated patients0.227Matched cohort study
Case fatality ratio (CFR) for VAP cases0.5Matched cohort study
CFR for controls0.1Matched cohort study
Average length of stay (LOS): VAP case in days27.9Matched cohort study
Average LOS: controls in days10.9Matched cohort study
Average number of cultures: VAP cases5.96Matched cohort study
Average number of cultures: controls3.04Matched cohort study
DALYs severe pneumonia (VAP)0.056Hsieh et al. [9]
DALYs severe non-VAP illness0.037Hsieh et al. [9]
DALYs death30.5Hsieh et al. [9]
Life expectancy Nicaragua in years73PAHO [16]