Table 5: Relationship between airborne mold levels and asthma morbidity by study visit.

Home evaluationSymptom assessmentNumber of maximum symptom daysP value
Airborne mold > medianAirborne mold ≤ medianDiff

6 months 3.23.5−0.30.65
12 months3.43.8−0.40.56
6 months6 months3.13.0−0.10.80
12 months3.63.6−0.00.94
12 months12 months3.43.5−0.10.89

Values are unadjusted for potential confounding variables (e.g., parish, season, income, race, age, and sex). Followup MSD were measured at 6 or 12 months and airborne mold levels were measured at baseline 6 or 12 months.