Table 3: Key differences between ACDP and the mainstream SDS.

IssueAboriginal child dental programMainstream school dental service

LocationThe clinic operated from within PWHS, a service that the local Aboriginal community was accustomed to accessing for whole of health and health-related servicesMainstream clinic, used by non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal clients

IntegratedInto the health service as part of the holistic philosophy of Aboriginal Health CareNot part of any other health service

Health promotionStaff were involved in health promotion initiatives in schools and through community eventsNo specific health promotion programs targeting Aboriginal children or families

StaffAn Aboriginal Primary Health Care worker was the key contact and liaison for the community and clinical staff, providing community links, contacts, information, and cultural support. Over seventy percent of the staff at PWHS are Aboriginal and are representative of the diverse language groups accessing the serviceNo Aboriginal staff

TransportA transport officer was employed to transport children and parents to and from dental appointments, to the chemist and specialist servicesNo specific transport services available for Aboriginal clients