Research Article

Protecting Family Interests: An Interview Study with Foreign-Born Parents Struggling On in Childhood Cancer Care

Table 1

Description of the participants.

Number of participants 11

Parents’ age, range (median)26–47 (40)

Parental education
Missing data/Less than nine-year compulsory/nine-year compulsory1/2/2
Upper secondary school/College/University studies0/5/1

Diagnoses for the informants’ children
Leukaemia/Brain tumour/Solid tumour (both parents of one child).5/1/4

Parents’ country (continent) of origin
Iraq/Syria/Morocco (Greater Middle East)4/1/1
Finland/Germany/Russia/Serbia Montenegro (Europe)1/1/1/1
Peru (South America)1

Parents’ mother language

Time interval since immigration, range (median)2–18 (6)

Self-reported reason for immigration
Family reunification/Labour market/Refugee