Table 2: Study 1 free list responses, causes of children going to the street, Tbilisi and Gori combined, ( ).

Q1. What are the causes of children going to the street?Number reporting

They can’t afford/economic hardship49
Because of disagreement at home/parents fight20
Are orphans22
Parents are drunkards20
Lack care or attention/lack of guardian18
Parents force them to make money15
They have no shelter (homeless)12
Beat (parents)11
Were thrown out of ()9
When they quarrel with children9
Are afraid of coming home5
Parents can’t understand children5
Interest in street5
Have sick/ill parents (beat them)4
They have no patron4
Meet friends in order not to be alone in the street4
Street life becomes a custom/habit4
For stealing4
Because of punishment at home (the street attracted them)4

* Reported responses with > 3 respondents.