Table 1: Characteristics of 107 infants <33 weeks of GA hospitalized in NICU.

Characteristics at birth%

Male gender54.2
Apgar score <3 at 1 minute of life11.2

Prenatal characteristics
Antenatal steroids77.6
Caesarean section79.4

Postnatal characteristics
Central venous line62.6
Acute anaemia at birth13.2
Body weight loss >15% of BW11.2
RDS-requiring surfactant66.4
Early onset sepsis6.5
Hypotension-requiring treatment13.1
Acute renal failure*11.2
Oxygen dependency beyond 36 wks PCA12.3
Necrotizing enterocolitis2.8
Severe abnormal cerebral ultrasound1.8
Death after the first week of life0
Cerebral palsy at 18 months of PCA2.1

(NICU) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; (BW) birth weight; (GA) gestational age; (SGA) small for gestational age; (RDS) respiratory distress syndrome; (HsPDA) hemodynamically significant patent ductus arteriosus; (PCA) postconceptional age.
g (mean ± SD), #weeks (mean ± SD), *according to [12], intraventricular haemorrhage grade 3 or 4 and/or periventricular leukomalacia.