Table 4: M-mode echocardiographic data of group I compared to group II.

M-mode Mean±SDt-testP value

LVIDD (cm)Group I124.620.914.2640.001**
Group II123.060.87

LVIDS (cm)Group I124.100.795.9970.001**
Group II122.170.77

EDV (mL)Group I12118.640.55.0130.001**
Group II1239.6636.5

ESV (mL)Group I1284.4130.96.5280.001**
Group II1217.1617.8

EF%Group I1231.669.145.8410.001**
Group II1258.3312.90

FS%Group I1214.754.185.7990.001**
Group II1231.088.81

LA/AOGroup I122.201.082.558<0.05*
Group II121.370.26

Highly significant, *Significant. LVIDD: left Ventricular internal diameter in diastole, LVIDS: left ventricular internal diameter in systole, EF: ejection fraction, FS: fraction shortening, AO: aortic annulus, LA: left atrium, EDV: end-diastolic volume, ESV: end-systolic volume, LA: left atrium, and Ao: aorta.