Table 2: Responses to child passenger safety questions before and after educational intervention: the ford see me safe child passenger safety education study.

Questionsbefore intervention (%)after intervention (%) value*

What is the leading cause of death among children (4–14 years) in the USA?
Correct193 (89.4)210 (97.2)0.002
Incorrect23 (10.6)6 (2.8)

What is the minimum age at which children can graduate from a rear-facing child safety seat to a forward-facing child safety seat?
Correct137 (63.4)210 (94.0)<0.0001
Incorrect79 (36.6)13 (6.0)

When should a child transition to a booster seat?
Correct147 (68.1)206 (95.4)<0.0001
Incorrect69 (31.9)10 (4.6)

At about what height are children generally ready to graduate from a booster seat to wearing only a lap-shoulder belt?
Correct60 (27.8)212 (98.1)<0.0001
Incorrect156 (72.2)4 (1.9)

Until what age are children safest riding in the back seat?
Correct33 (15.3)186 (86.1)<0.0001
Incorrect183 (84.7)30 (13.9)

McNemar’s chi square test.