Table 2: Proportion (in %) of unsuccessful and successful weight reduction in the sample ( ).

BMI-SDS reductionBaseline to end of program
(1 year)
Baseline to 36-month follow-up (3YFU)Baseline to 60-month follow-up (5YFU)

No success31.956.474.0
 Lost to follow-up22.538.361.9
 No weight loss9.418.112.1
<0.2 BMI-SDS reduced weight10.49.44.7
0.2–0.5 BMI-SDS reduced weight27.211.64.9
>0.5 BMI-SDS reduced weight30.522.716.4
Sum (total)100.0100.0100.0

3YFU: 3-year follow-up (36 month/3 years after baseline).
5YFU: 5-year follow-up (60 month/5 years after baseline).