Table 1


Liquid: soft drinks, fruit drinks, cocoa, sugar and honey in beverages, nondairy creamers, ice cream, sherbet, gelatine desert, flavoured yoghurt, pudding, custard, popsicles— × 5 =

Solid and sticky: cake, cupcakes, donuts, sweet rolls, pastry, canned fruit in syrup, bananas, cookies, chocolate candy, caramel, toffee, jelly beans, other chewy candies, chewing gum, dried fruit, marshmallows, jelly, jam— × 10 =

Slowly dissolving: hard candies, breath mints, antacid tablets, cough drops— × 15 =

Total sweet score: —
Interpretation sweet score:  
 5 or less: excellent
 10: good
 15 or more: “watch out” zone

Total sweet score: —
Interpretation sweet score: 5 or less: excellent; 10: good; and 15 or more: “watch out” zone.