Table 1: Patients profile.

Patient DiseaseAgeSexESR before IVIGESR after IVIG

1Icter4 daysM932
2Icter2 daysF710
3Icter2 daysF7261
4Icter2 daysM295
5Icter10 daysM2428
6Icter4 days M22
7ITP35 daysF512
8ITP2 monthsM4275
9Sepsis 50 daysM615
10ITP2 months and 5 daysF47117
11ITP2 monthsM1656
12ITP4 months and 19 days M58
13ITP17 monthsM595
14 Sepsis 7.5 monthsF5265
15Fever resistant 8 monthsF1789
16Kawasaki10 monthsM5497
17Kawasaki1 yearM90112
18ITP1 yearF6591
19ITP1 yearF1217
20GBS14 monthsF89120
21Pneumonia + brain tumor15 monthsF137105
22GBS1.5 yearM1823
23ITP1.5 yearM4572
24ITP2.5 yearsF1027
25Epilepsy resistant2.5 yearsM27
26Epilepsy resistant2.5 yearsM44
27Bulbar palsy + cyanosis2 years and 6 monthsM2171
28Epilepsy resistant2 years and 11 monthsF25
29ITP3 yearsF1428
30ITP3 yearsF617
31Kawasaki3 years and 4 monthsM11585
32Aplastic anemia + fever4 yearsF7777
33GBS4 yearsM3362
34Encephalitis4 years and 6 monthsF1633
35ADEM + fever5 yearsF322
36Brain atrophy + epilepsy5 years and 4 monthsM418
37Encephalitis5 years and 7 monthsM3333
38SLE + thrombocytopenia6 yearsF2444
39Steven Johnson6 yearsM813
40ITP7 yearsF1831
41GBS7 yearsM4364
42Vasculitis7 yearsF4879
43ITP8 yearsF2027
44ITP8 yearsF2332
45Bruton10 yearsM24
46Bruton10 yearsM32
47ITP11 years and 4 monthsM1015
48ITP11 years and 7 monthsF721
49Dawn + pancytopenia12 yearsM75121
50ITP12 years and 7 monthsM1023