Figure 1: Flowchart of DocStyles 2011 survey questions regarding sports and energy drink counseling practices among healthcare providers. This flowchart depicts the questions used in this analysis of the DocStyles 2011 survey and how providers were categorized regarding their counseling patterns around sports (SD) and energy (ED) drinks. This categorization formed the basis of the analyses. Individuals answering “both” or “SD only” to Question 1 were asked Question 2. Those who responded with “both” or “ED only” were asked Question 3. Regular SD counseling was defined as those individuals who regularly (“Always” or “Often”) counseled on reducing SD consumption. Regular ED counseling was defined similarly. Comprehensive SED counseling was defined as individuals who counseled on “Both drink types” and counseled regularly for both. indicates patients excluded from sample due to missing/incomplete demographic information ( ), responses to Questions 2 or 3 that are contradictory to responses to Question 1 ( ), or answering “Not Sure” to Question 1 ( ).