Table 1: Demographic data and 24 h heart rate analysis data of obese children before and after omega-3 fatty acid supplementation.

ParameterHealthy controlsBaselineOmega-3 fatty acidsBaseline versus omega-3 fatty acids
Mean ± SDMean ± SD value1Mean ± SD value1

Age [years]nsnsns
Height [cm]nsns0.0035
BMI [kg/m2]<0.0001<0.0001ns
BMI percentile [%]<0.0001<0.0001ns
24 h heart rate [bpm]<0.0001ns<0.0001
HR, day [bpm]0.0009ns0.0002
HR, night [bpm]<0.00010.0350.0017
RMSSD [ms]<0.00010.00630.0008
pNN50 [%]<0.00010.0140.0009
SDNN [ms]<0.00010.00070.0043

Unpaired t-test used for healthy controls and baseline/omega-3 fatty acids (italic). 2Paired t-test used for baseline and omega-3 fatty acids (bold). ns = not significant.