Research Article

The Use of Social Network in Daily Pediatric Practice and Education: Turkish Pediatric Atelier

Table 1

Respondent demographics and survey results.

CharacteristicsData (%)

Survey response rate417/997 (42%)
 Male192 (46%)
 Female225 (54%)
Age (years)
 28-3590 (22%)
 26-44151 (36%)
 45-60125 (30%)
 >6022 (5%)
Speciality area
 Pediatrics subspeciality fellow21
 Pediatric subspecialists75
 Pediatric hematology and oncology9
 Pediatric emergency7
 Pediatric intensive care5
 Pediatric allergy and immunology5
 Pediatric endocrinology4
 Pediatric infectious diseases4
 Pediatric cardiology4
 Pediatric gastroenterology4
 Social pediatrics4
 Pediatric nephrology3
 Pediatric metabolism3
 Pediatric neurology3
 Pediatric chest diseases1
 Pediatric rheumatology1
 Pediatric urology2
 Pediatric surgery2
 Pediatric psychiatry2
 Private hospitals190 (49%)
 University and teaching hospitals82 (21%)
 State hospitals78 (21%)
 Doctor office33 (9%)