Research Article

Manufacturing and Structural Feasibility of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Structural Insulated Panels for Panelized Construction

Table 2

Comparison of Impact response of NSIPs with OSB and G/PP SIPs.

Impact energy (J)205065
Velocity (m/s)
Impact height (m)0.330.82107

Total energy (J)16.613.814.944.330.46.9768.642.720.3
Energy at yield (J)−13.6
Energy at failure (J)17.414.815.546.234.86.9069.148.820.0
Maximum load (KN)
Load at yield (KN)3.10.731.440.020−0.0200−0.85
Load at failure (KN)0.60.400.400.91.300.130.91.620.39
Defl. at max. load mm)14.017.510.919.720.812.522.723.561.0
Defl. at yield (mm)13.43.981.2000045.8
Defl. at failure (mm)11.411.08.6719.
Total deflection (mm)7.55.645.7111.86.0422.327.57.8675.6