Table 2: Results of the filament dynamometry performed on short and long filaments of the specimens. Prosthesis number is the reference number given in the first clinical description of the series. (CDV: Cooley Double Velour; MDV: Microvel Double Velour; CV: coefficient of variation).

ProsthesesTenacity (cN/tex)Elongation at rupture (%)
AverageCV (%)AverageCV (%)

Virgin CDVFFP (short)28.06.763.511.8
FFT (Long)26.411.874.414.8
AFFP (short)26.932.725.842.2
FFT (Long)24.733.927.848.1
BFFP (short)27.929.831.638.2
FFT (Long)23.840.135.537.3
CFFP (short)12.648.27.33113.1
FFT (Long)12.246.820.884.7
DFFP (short)27.631.124.638.0
FFT (Long)25.940.128.945.8
EFFP (short)24.821.229.326.1
FFT (Long)23.629.435.641.3
Virgin MDVFFP (short)25.43.667.911.3
FFT (Long)22.814.462.719.1
FFFP (short)24.646.522.652.0
FFT (Long)21.748.323.855.9