International Journal of Polymer Science / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

An Experimental Investigation on the Failure Behavior of a Notched Concrete Beam Strengthened with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

Table 4

The details for the tested concrete specimens.

ObjectiveType No.DescriptionCFRP length (mm)Notch depth (mm)

The effect of CFRP lengthGroup I10-000Without CFRP010
10-100Single-layer CFRP100
10-200Single-layer CFRP200
10-350Single-layer CFRP350
Group II20-000Without CFRP020
20-100Single-layer CFRP100
20-200Single-layer CFRP200
20-350Single-layer CFRP350
Group III30-000Without CFRP030
30-100Single-layer CFRP100
30-200Single-layer CFRP200
30-350Single-layer CFRP350

The effect of notch depth(Group IV)10-000Without CFRP010
20-200Single-layer CFRP20020
30-200Single-layer CFRP30

The effect of CFRP thickness and bonding methodGroup V20-000Without CFRP020
20-100Single-layer CFRP100
20-100sTwo-layer CFRP
20-100bSingle-layer CFRP and using U-shaped cap
Group VI20-000Without CFRP0
20-200Single-layer CFRP 200
20-200sTwo-layer CFRP
20-200bSingle-layer CFRP and using U-shaped cap
Group VII20-000Without CFRP0
20-350Single-layer CFRP 350
20-350sTwo-layer CFRP
20-350bSingle-layer CFRP and using U-shaped cap

Explanation for No. A-B (the 3rd column): A is for the length of the initial notch, B for the bonded CFRP length, s for two layers of CFRP, and b for U-shaped cap used for one single layer of CFRP.