Figure 2: (a) Schematic configuration of the microfluidic system for synthetizing the MTNs. (20 µL min−1), (20 µL min−1), and (120 µL min−1) are the flow rates for the inner, middle, and outer phases, respectively. (b) The two aqueous phases meet and form a continuous laminar flow at the outlet of the first capillary. (c) The generation of emulsions at the outlet of the second capillary. (d), (e), and (f) Magnified picture of different sizes (200, 100, and 20 µm) of magneto-thermoresponsive nanocomposites (MTNs) fabricated with the capillary microfluidic device. (g) A typical microfluidic device fabricated for preparing the MTNs. Scale bars are 400 µm in (b), (c), and (d), 100 µm in (e), 10 µm in (f), and 2 cm in (g).