Table 2: The use of alginic acid and its salts in food and pharmaceutical industry.

CodeIngredientApplication in food industryApplication in pharmaceutical industry

E400Alginic acid [1]Emulsifier, formulation aid, stabilizer, thickenerTablet binder and disintegrant, sustained release and release-modifying agent, taste masking agent, thickener, suspending and viscosity increasing agent, stabilizer
E401Sodium alginate [4]Texturizer, stabilizer, thickener, formulation aid, firming agent, flavour adjuvant, emulsifier, surface active agentSuspending and viscosity increasing agent, tablet and capsule disintegrant, tablet binder, stabilizer, sustained release agent, diluent in capsule formulation, thickener
E403Ammonium alginate [7]Stabilizer, thickener, humectantColor diluent, emulsifier, film former, humectant
E404Calcium alginate [8]Stabilizer, thickenerTablet disintegrant
E405Propylene glycol alginate
Emulsifier, flavoring adjuvant, formulation aid, stabilizer, surfactant, thickenerStabilizer, emulsifier, suspending and viscosity increasing agent