International Journal of Polymer Science / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Production of Pectin-Cellulose Biofilms: A New Approach for Citrus Waste Recycling

Table 2

TGA thermogram showing decomposition rate of the OWFs: moisture loss, decomposition ratio 1, decomposition ratio 2 and residue and the maximum temperatures related to the thermal events.

SampleMoist. loss (%)MLT (°C)D1 ratio (%)DT 1 (°C)D2 ratio (%)DT 2 (°C)Residue (%)

OD 14,0781,4427,65252,5825,63351,524,66
OD 23,9478,9026,77252,626,7350,2719,03
OD 33,8281,4933,43250,523,12353,9122,22
St. dev.0,131,483,621,211,841,852,82

ID 13,5084,8329,07252,3722,68352,724,58
ID 23,8779,9329,31254,0924,9635620,97
ID 34,0276,3827,25253,1424,66354,3124,05
St. dev.0,264,241,130,861,241,651,95