Table 1: Parameters of deck design and uncertainties of demand.

ParameterMeanStandard deviationCOVDistributionDescriptionsSource

6.340.15LognormalCompressive strength[21]
(mm) cover[54]
(mm)Varied (μ)3.961/(6.4 μ)NormalConcrete deck depth[55]
(mm)0.990.04NormalEffective depth[56]
(mm)25N.A.N.A.DeterministicMax. aggregate size[36]
(mm)N.A.N.A.NormalShear effective depth[57]
1.00.25LognormalUncertainty factor for asphalt weight[58]
1.050.11LognormalUncertainty factor for concrete weight
0.600.20LognormalUncertainty factor for truck
0.8DeterministicContinuity factor
(mm)50DeterministicAsphalt thickness
, (m)2.36DeterministicSpan length of slab
(kN)71.17DeterministicWheel load of HS 20 truck
, m (ft.)0.90.560.61LognormalShear span for girder spacing (1.8 m)Authors’ assumption
1.20.72Shear span for girder spacing (2.4 m)
1.81.12Shear span for girder spacing (3.7 m)

Note:  = nominal effective depth