Research Article

A Comparison of the Modified Score for the Assessment of Chronic Rheumatoid Affections of the Hands and the Australian/Canadian Osteoarthritis Hand Index in Hand Osteoarthritis Patients

Table 7

Principal component analysis of the AUSCAN items. Rotated component matrix (item loading).

QuestionComponent 1Component 2Component 3

AUSCAN 1−0.35−0.006−0.776
AUSCAN 20.1690.9020.159
AUSCAN 30.5390.6260.149
AUSCAN 40.5800.598−0.099
AUSCAN 50.2590.744−0.297
AUSCAN 60.5390.4420.120
AUSCAN 70.5510.4550.362
AUSCAN 80.8980.109−0.184
AUSCAN 90.8330.2860.297
AUSCAN 100.7400.4620.329
AUSCAN 110.6750.4990.309
AUSCAN 120.3600.7120.396
AUSCAN 130.8150.327−0.039
AUSCAN 140.4390.6990.059
AUSCAN 150.7600.4900.141

Extraction Method: principal component analysis.Rotation Method: varimax with Kaiser normalization.The background indicates questions loading on the same factor.