International Journal of Rheumatology / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Randomised Double-Blind Trial of Combination Antibiotic Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Table 1

Treatment and assessment regimes for patients in Group I (active treatment). Clindamycin infusions were given in 250 mL normal saline over one hour. Patients in Group II (placebo) received placebo infusions of normal saline and placebo tablets according to the same regime; they had the same assessment regime. bd: taken twice a day (morning and evening). × 3/wk: three times per week. Assessments: C, clinical; L, laboratory.

TimeClindamycin infusionTetracyclineAssessment

Day 1300 mg250 mg bd++
Day 2300 mgnone
Day 3600 mg250 mg bd
Day 4600 mgnone
Day 5900 mg250 mg bd
Weeks 2–4900 mg per week250 mg bd × 3/wk
Weeks 5–8900 mg fortnightly250 mg bd × 3/wk
At week 9++
Weeks 9–16900 mg fortnightly250 mg bd × 3/wk
At week 17++
Weeks 17–24900 mg fortnightly250 mg bd × 3/wk
At week 25++