Table 1: Clinical and laboratory features of IgG4-related tubulointerstitial nephritis.

Pt. no.Age/genderU-ProtCrIgGIgG4IgECH50C3C4Other organ involvement

176/F0.592,9907692676011027Sa, Lu
270/M0.26 g/day0.903,496623NA<12522Pa
359/M1.102,319734542>66.010624Sa, Pa, Pr, RP
463/M0.2 g/gCr1.201,756408513519816Sa, Pa, Lu, Ao
558/M0.2 g/gCr1.203,1701,2043,960<10337Sa, LN, Lu
658/M1.301,9601,280456348116Li, Ne
775/M0.21 g/day1.345,380587NA<1441<5Sa, LN, Lu
868/M0.1 g/day1.372,9956702,32310412Sa
975/M0.22 g/day2.341,679890631528129Sa
1055/M0.5 g/day2.105,0401,780NA497436Sa, Pa
1169/M0.25 g/day2.364,0011,340NA10552Pa
1280/M0.4 g/day1.604,657660NA<1235<1Pa
1368/M1.903,830736NA3331Sa, LN
1569/M1.0 g/gCr7.264,6611,1203355107La, Sa, LN, Pa, Lu, Pr
1672/M0.22 g/day0.804,3591,100537<12553LN
1775/F3.0 g/gCr2.253,6954861,2262182Sa, LN, Lu
1883/M2.3 g/day 1.483,14494432.116566
1960/M0.5 g/gCr1.591,952886575568621La, Sa
2078/M1.4 g/day 6.173,7311,860NA27.35728Pa

Note: Conversion factor for Cr: mg/dL to μmol/L, .
Abbreviations: Ao: aorta; CH50, serum CH50 (U/mL); Cr: serum creatinine (mg/dL); C3: serum C3 (mg/dL); C4: serum C4 (mg/dL); IgG: serum immunoglobulin G (mg/dL); IgG4: serum immunoglobulin G4 (mg/dL); IgE: serum immunoglobulin E (IU/mL); Jo: joint; La: lacrimal gland; Li: liver; LN: lymph node; Lu: lung; NA: not available; Ne: nerve; Pa: pancreas; Pr: prostate; RP: retroperitoneum; Sa: salivary gland; U-Prot: proteinuria.