Figure 3: Representative immunostaining of Foxp3 in the pancreases (a) and the ratios of Foxp3/mono (Foxp3-positive cells/infiltrated mononuclear cells) in the pancreases (b) in poly I:C-treated MRL/Mp mice in the 5 different age groups. The abundant infiltration of Foxp3-positive cells was found among the lymphoid infiltrates in the pancreases. There were no differences in Foxp3/mono ratios among poly I:C-treated MRL/Mp mice at the ages of 10, 14, 16, 18, and 20 weeks. Poly I:C-treated MRL/Mp mice (A)–(E), controls (F). ×100 magnification (large panel), ×400(inset). Data are expressed as ; NS, not significant.