International Journal of Rheumatology / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Wrist Arthrodesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis Using an LCP Metaphyseal Locking Plate versus an AO Wrist Fusion Plate

Table 3

Radiographic measurements. (a) Comparison of immediately after surgery versus the most recent follow-up. (b) Comparisons of the AO wrist fusion plate and the LCP metaphyseal plate groups.

AO wrist fusion plate (n = 9)LCP metaphyseal plate (n = 7)
Immediately after surgeryMost recent F-UP valueImmediately after surgeryMost recent F-UP value

WE angle (degrees)13.9 (10–18)14.4 (10–18)0.7221.4 (16–24)20.6 (16–27)0.67

Ulnar deviation angle (degrees)7.2 (2–15)8.7 (2–15)0.1112.3 (3–21)12.3 (7–20)> 0.99

LCP, locking compression plate; F-U, follow-up; WE, wrist extension.

AO wrist fusion plate  
(n = 9)
LCP metaphyseal plate  
(n = 7)
P value

|∆WE angle| (degrees)3.0 (0–5)3.6 (2–6)0.57

|∆Ulnar deviation angle| (degrees)1.8 (0–5)3.0 (0–5)0.28

Distance between MC head
to distal end of plate (mm)
2.1 (1.5–3.2)2.8 (2.5–3.4)0.005

LCP, locking compression plate; WE, wrist extension; MC, metacarpal.