Table 4: Characteristics of patients developing tubercular pleural effusion (n=2).

Patient 1Patient 2

Age in years2329

Disease duration in months9622

HLA B27PositivePositive

TST at baselineNegativeNegative

IGRA at baselineNegativeNegative

ASDAS CRP at baseline2.974.15

CXRRight sided pleural effusionRight sided pleural effusion

HRCT chestRt sided pleural effusion with
mediastinal lymph node

CRP mg/L12029.0

AFBNot seenNot seen

Pleural fluid

 TC per cumm29604389

 DC %N 17, L 80N 9, L 91

 Protein gm%5.74.9

 Glucose mg%7956

 ADA U/L31.462.3


 CultureNo growthNo growth

Adalimumab dose dose (6 months gap) (4 months gap)