: the load (%) of overloaded
: the load (%) of nonoverloaded
: the load (%) of nonoverloaded after adding a section of execution of
: the list of possible execution sections of task determined by its preemption points
: execution section of
, , , , , l: naturals
L1 = ; L2 =
L3: list of tasks
Sort L1 in descending order
Sort L2 in ascending order, in case of equality. Sort L2 in ascending order according to confi-guration overhead
for   to sizeof(L1) do
= load( )
while sizeof(L2) and   do
   = load ( )
  //Search {Ti} from RZm  to migrate to RZn
  if assigned to   then
   Sort in ascending order according to in L3
   while ( size of (L3)) and   do
    // checking the possibility of relocation of the sections of by respecting the load of
    while size of ( ) and   do
     Select the first execution section and discard it from
     if   then
      // Migration of from to is accepted
       // Removing from
       // Migration of to
     end  if
    end  while
   end  while
  end  if
end  while
if     then
  New * // Adding new
  Reinitialize the load of when it does not affect the number of added
end  if
end  for
Algorithm 2: Decision of increasing the number of RZs.