(1) Starting from the first configuration
  Initialize CUT = 1
(2) while CUT <   do
(3)  Choose the next configuration from the configurations pool as slack
   Designate the CUT as active configuration, and RS = CUT + 1 as slack.
   Then, the pair under test is given by: = {CUT, RS}
(4)  Exhaustive evaluation method involves applying all the points in the input space of circuit
   Perform concurrent comparison to the same inputs for various edges of the graph represented by connectivity matrix
(5)  Evaluate all the possible configurations pair to complete the syndrome matrix
   Update the Syndrome Matrix based upon comparisons outcome of all possible inputs
(6)  CUT = CUT + 1
(7) end while
(8) This method involves exploration of the entire input-space and thus exposes all the operationally manifested faults
  Given , isolate the faulty nodes:
   and , if , and
   if , , and
Algorithm 1: Exhaustive evaluation of configurations for fault diagnosis.