Table 1: Comparison between related works on FPGA-based object detection system for different applications with proposed system.

Related work Camera platform Detection technique and application

[611] Static camera (i) Background subtraction
(ii) Using GMM, ViBE, and so forth

[23] Moving robot (i) Detecting moving object using
(ii) Optical flow and frame differencing

[24] UAV (i) Detecting and tracking object feature

[13] UAV (i) Car detection
(ii) Based on shape, size, and colour

[25] UAV (i) Detecting moving object
(ii) Using regional phase correlation
(iii) Does not prototype the complete system

[26] UAV (i) Real-time ego-motion estimation

Proposed UAV (i) Moving target detection
(ii) Using area-based image registration
(iii) Prototyping the complete system